Burridge Davenal Butler...

Publisher of "Prairie Farmer" and President of WLS

Burridge Davenal butler Back of the microphone and the transmitter, back of the program and the business office, is the vision of service. Mr. Butler, with a great heart full of love for humanity, lives with that vision before him. You have seldom heard his voice, but day after day you have felt his vibrant spirit.

"I'm thinking of that home, that father and mother who are trying to bring up a family of good American citizens," he will say when some question of policy comes up, and somehow that settles any problem.

Mr. Butler wouldn't want us to say much about him, but let us simply write that we know him as a man full of sympathy and understanding, a dreamer of great dreams, and a tireless worker for the rights of everyday folks, the family and the fireside.

In the picture on the left he is holding the volume of Prairie Farmer for 1841, the year this paper was founded, ninety years ago.

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