Meet Bob DeServi

One of the President's Men

Curator's note: The moment I read Elizabeth Bulmiller's piece on those who help form the image of George W. Bush in the New York Times of May 16th, 2003, I knew that my former colleague Bob "Bobby D" DeServi (seen abover in a 1976 photo) merited inclusion within these pages. Bob's transition from NBC to W is clearly worthy of further study.

I first met Bob DeServi in July of 1973 (when I first signed on as a reporter at WMAQ-TV). Bob at the time was wearing the white cotton gloves of an assistant news film editor. His job was to splice the film the "real" editors had put together with little pieces of tape. Bob (along with three or other assistants) worked in a small room where the equipment and sounds resembled the pressing operation of a dry cleaning plant.

(Bob first came to the Merchandise Mart as an NBC page. He's the son of a suburban Chicago cop. By all acounts, he remains devoted to his mom).

In time, Bob emerged as a field cameraman with an incredible eye for framing pictures and boundless energy for chasing pictures down.

Bob moved on from local to network news and worked for a time as a freelancer.

Presidential campaigns (characterized by long, long hours and substantial amounts of overtime compensation) were one of his specialties.

Look for Bob on the campaign trail again shortly, now as the White House's "Associate Director of Communications for Production." Another New Trier guy made good.

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