Mother Moran's Golden Rules for Parents...

("Today's Children" Family Album)

Mother Moran in rocking chair

If you can be rememberin' that your children are not somethin' that jest belongs to you, but that they are individuals---

If you can be rememberin' every time you get out of patience with your children, that many of the mistakes they're makin', you made when you were their age---

If you can be rememberin' that by your actions you can be an example that will be better than preachin' or fault-findin'---

If you can be rememberin' to be teachin' your children to be standin' on their own two feet, and to be workin' out their own problems---

If you can be rememberin' that your children have the right to be worshipin' you, and that you must be worthy of their worship---

If you can be rememberin' that it is not only with your heart that you must be lovin' 'em, but also with your mind, so that you can be lovin' 'em wisely---

If you can be rememberin' that the respect and love of your children is somethin' that you can't ask for without earnin'---

If you can be rememberin' to make your home a real home, not only where you can find happiness, but where your children and their friends can find happiness---

If you can be rememberin' to help your children to know the worth of Kindness, of Truth, and of Friendship---

Then you will have earned the right to be called mother or father.

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