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His casual approach, off-beat humor create a special kind of television entertainment

Curator's note: The headline, text and pictures shown here are from the November 22nd, 1949 issue of Look Magazine. Click here to learn more about Dave Garroway. And don't forget to download video from the "Best of Garroway at Large" page.

Right: Dave Garroway, a pleasant young man with a sharp mind, loafs beside a stage prop lamp post in NBC's Chicago studio working out a new TV idea Garroway in studio A
A droll young Chicago disk jockey named Dave Garroway is helping television grow up. He and a bright production group are responsible for getting the most out of TV on a program called Garroway at Large over NBC-TV, Sundays. Walter Winchell calls it "the first show with a professional flavor. Big time all the way...the cameras have finally caught on to the tricks they can do." Critic John Crosby of the New York Herald Tribune spotted its biggest appeal when he said, "It appears to be directed at pleasing a few people in a living room, not at provoking wild shrieks of laughter from a studio audience."

Garroway on radio Left: Garroway entertains radio studio audience on the 'Dave Garroway Show', Monday nights, NBC. He first got attention as a late-at-night disk jockey.

Clever Props Pep up Show

Right: Garroway relaxes every chance he gets, as does the cast. They rehearse eight hours for half-hour on television to achieve spontaneity. Garroway and cast
Garroway and Cliff Norton Left: Clever production routines include stunts like having Garroway unveil portrait. When he pulls the cord, trolley bell clangs, cast bursts into song.

Curator's note: The conductor above is Cliff Norton

Music is Garroway's First Love

Right: Janet Blair, Garroway and Jimmy Dorsey lunch at Pump Room; discuss common interest, music. Garroway, Blair, Dorsey

Garroway and records Left: On disk show he plays his own record collection. Work clothes include leopardlike lounge jacket.

Right: Neighbor's cat looks forward to morning snack with Garroway who is a good cook and gourmet. Garroway and cat

Garroway and Jaguar
Above: Before going home in his Jaguar, Garroway pauses across from Wrigley Building to read paper.

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