The WMAQ-TV Transmitter

Right: WMAQ-TV's antenna atop the John Hancock Building, overlooking Lake Michigan. WMAQ-TV's antenna is on top of Chicago's 100-story John Hancock Center and is 1,456 feet above the street. It went into operation on October 1, 1969. The transmitter is an RCA TT-30 FL-1, which is actually two 15kw transmitters operating in parallel. These are operated at only 5.4kw output for a total of 10.8 kw into the transmission line. ERP is 40.1kw visual and 2.36 aural. If one transmitter fails, the other doubles power to maintain service. The other unit may then be repaired. Further protection for service is provided by duplicate power feeds from two separate substations and duplicate cooling air supplies. The antenna is split into upper and lower halves, and each half may be fed with double power. In event of diplexer failure, aural may be fed to one half and visual to the other half. If the whole antenna is wiped out, an emergency antenna on the other tower may be used.
WMAQ-TV antenna

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