WMAQ-TV Controlrooms

Right: Studio D controlroom: Facility has custom-built TS-40 switchers that functionally are an extension of the relay-type switchers.

Studios A and E Controlrooms are similar in facilities. The switchers are 12 input, preset cutbar flip-flopoverlap relay type. There is a lap dissolve and an effects function between the preset and program buses that require no presetting. In addition, two effects buses are available with a full range of special effects including chroma key. These switchers are slated for replacement in the near future.

Studios B and D have custom built TS-40 switchers that functionally are an extension of the relay type switchers. They are 18 input, preset cutbar flip-flop solid state vertical interval switchers. Each input has a relay so that an "A" or a "B" input may be selected so that 36 video sources may be switched. They have the lap dissolve and effects functions between the preset and program buses as the older switchers, also the effects buses and chroma key. There is a mixer just prior to the studio output that is designated as "Supermix". This mixer allows video such as a digital clock to be inserted in the picture without tying up anyof the normal switcher facilities. The mixer is fed from a bus which is designated "Key-Supermix-Emergency." The key function is used as an external key to the effects unit.

The emergency feature allows cameras to be switched in event of a malfunction of the main switching bus. It may also be used as a bypass of the main switching to allow for rehearsal during program segments.

All controlrooms are provided with reel and cartridge tape recorders, and A, E and D Studios also have turntables available.

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